Friday, September 23, 2011

Honeymoon highlights


We had a super time in Paris - first champers at St Pancras and then a quick zip through the tunnel. We visited the Tour Eiffel and went on the Vedettes de Paris along the Seine to the islands and back again; to the Louvre and a little Da Vinci Coding; up to Sacre Coeur to catch a view over the city. We ate (a lot!) at Marriage Freres, the Jules Vernes restaurant in the Tour Eiffel, at lots of little spots in Montparnasse, and at the Atelier de Joel Roebuchon. It was all magnificent and we did as many of the suggestions as we could but of course we're just going to have to go back!


Then we were off to Florence, and some interesting driving in a taxi from the airport. Staying right in the centre, every night we could enjoy the musicians playing in the squares and on the Ponte Vecchio. We again ate a lot of delicious things - including the tummy stretching italian dinner of antipasto, primi and secondi piati and dessert. We visted the wonderful Uffizi and Galileo museums, the Academia and the Strozzi, Pitti and Vecchio Palaces, and we found ourselves in the midst of a marching band festival! Magnificent!

Table names

A few people asked us about the origin of the table names so we thought we'd explain a little! When we asked Claire and Amy to make the Particle Articles for the table centres we had to give them some ideas of what we would like. So we thought about things that we did and what was important to us and came up with a list of twelve things. These they translated into the magnifcient beasties in the middle of the tables and then we came up with a code name for the maps. If you fancied making your own maps they were folded using a turkish map fold. The map in the background was from one we picked up in Hay-on-Wye and is of Madras circa 1850.

Table Finches was on the theme of evolution and Darwin. Claire and Amy made the Gentle Gene Genie for this one.

Table H2O was on the theme of chemistry & the lab. Claire and Amy made the Test Tube Pest for this one.

Table Toulouse was on the theme of bicycles and cycling, Toulouse was the wonderful bike Mel took to Chile. Claire and Amy made the Pernicious Puncture Pixie for this one.

Table Cake was on the theme of baking and cooking. Claire and Amy made the Spoon Scooping Sprite for this one.

Table Click was on the theme of photography. Claire and Amy made the Photography Fiend for this one.

Table Bibliophobe was on the theme of books - we have a serious book shelf crisis going on at #33! Claire and Amy made the Novel Nibbling Nymph for this one.

Table NNW (northnorthwest) was on the theme of maps, an ever present necessity for adventuring (particularly by bike). Claire and Amy made the Map Pinching Pixie for this one.

Table 6b+ was on the theme of climbing, which we do every week and was one of the first dates Mel took Nick on. The 6b+ is a grading - pretty hard and one both of us aspire to! Claire and Amy made the Rock Reacher Creature for this one.

Table Prudence was on the theme of economics and money, as Nick is an economics graduate and often found with his nose in an economics blog. Claire and Amy made the Penny Pinching Pixie for this one.

Table After 8 was on the theme of watches, as Nick has a collection of watches, though he may have been cured of this, and has nothing to do with Mel's addiction to chocolate! Claire and Amy made the Time Keeper for this one.

Table Buzz as on the theme of insects, Mel used to collect big beetles off the tennis courts in Brunei and is quite fascinated by them all. Claire and Amy made the Innocent Insect Imp for this one.

Table Relativity as on the theme of Einstein, who was also born on the 14th of March like Mel. Claire and Amy made the Genius Genie for this one.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Order of Service

We have been busy printing out the details of the Order of Service and the Menu.


There's been lots of papercraft going on - here are some little maps we've made for finding the tables!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Party Bags

Building up the contents of the party bags - nothing for the adults though :(.

Although I know someone who maybe after a stretchy dinosaur.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Place names

Half of these are now out of the kiln - looking good!! Fingerscrossed for the rest.

Monday, July 25, 2011

7 weeks to go!!

Everything is coming on a pace with only 7 weeks til the big day. This coming weekend Mel will have a Hen picnic in the park and camping in tipis! Nick's turn will come in a couple of weeks time - he'll be white water rafting in Nottingham! We think we're pretty much on track - fingers crossed we haven't forgotten anything!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ceramics a-go-go

Mel is now halfway through a second course at MAC making lots of ceramics. She has made nearly all the decorations for on the tables - phew!! No pictures though - something has to be a surprise!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stop press: Honeymoon update

We've booked! Now we're off to Paris on the 11th by Eurostar and then to Florence, coming home on the 21st. :-D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In search of a Honeymoon

The honeymoon was all planned out, it had to be to somewhere warm, not too activity based and not flying over 5 hours. It also needed to involve visiting somewhere interesting and preferably somewhere new. Two years ago we had been to Jordan, where we had a great time visiting Roman and Nabatean ruins plus great scenery. So this gave us a couple of possibilities Libya or Syria. We picked Syria in the end as there was slightly more to see and it was possible to be more flexible whilst seeing it. We had got as far as talking to a travel operator who had arranged us an itinery, private transfers and guides in multiple locations. In addition to Damascus and Beirut we had days in Aleppo, Palmyra and Bosra. But events happen so we are now looking for something new. Now having had to comprise on some of our original goals, we are looking at new places that we can go; Europe seems to be the most likely. There are a few places we would like to go but the key is to find a way of mixing some them together whilst keeping the holiday relaxed. Italy would be traditional and Florence has been a destination that we have been talking about for a while, this could be mixed in with Rome, Pisa or the Lakes. Taking the Eurostar to Paris or Brussels would be a great start or end to the trip, so that may form a part but a 12+ hour train ride south to the next destination could be taxing. There are other ideas – Frank Gehry hotel in Rioja, the French Alps, Malta……

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dress & Cake & Food

Its been a busy week or so! Mel popped up to Hinkley with Sarah & Juul (expert dress advisors!) to look at dresses and managed to buy one! Phew!! That's a wait off her mind. Then we went to meet Jane at Redhouse Barn and Anthony (who's in charge of the food). We discussed every little detail over 3h! We are eagerly awaiting the suggested menus and hopefully will go for a little tasting later in April. Lastly Mel also visited the cake decorator. With Nick on the phone we managed to find a compromise so that we get a sleek looking cake and some crunchy icing! It should be beautiful.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where are we now?

A little time has passed since the last post - this was mainly due to the excitment of Christmas and New Year - we hope you all had a good one. Now we're getting back into the swing of the organising! We have found a florist and think she will be doing the flowers - lots of beautiful in-season local blossoms hopefully! More on that when we know for sure. We've also been in touch with the caterers and will be off to see them later this week, can't wait to hear what the suggest from our initial ideas. And lastly we have lots and lots of guests! There'll be a party! (Though Mel really needs to find a dress!)