Friday, September 23, 2011

Honeymoon highlights


We had a super time in Paris - first champers at St Pancras and then a quick zip through the tunnel. We visited the Tour Eiffel and went on the Vedettes de Paris along the Seine to the islands and back again; to the Louvre and a little Da Vinci Coding; up to Sacre Coeur to catch a view over the city. We ate (a lot!) at Marriage Freres, the Jules Vernes restaurant in the Tour Eiffel, at lots of little spots in Montparnasse, and at the Atelier de Joel Roebuchon. It was all magnificent and we did as many of the suggestions as we could but of course we're just going to have to go back!


Then we were off to Florence, and some interesting driving in a taxi from the airport. Staying right in the centre, every night we could enjoy the musicians playing in the squares and on the Ponte Vecchio. We again ate a lot of delicious things - including the tummy stretching italian dinner of antipasto, primi and secondi piati and dessert. We visted the wonderful Uffizi and Galileo museums, the Academia and the Strozzi, Pitti and Vecchio Palaces, and we found ourselves in the midst of a marching band festival! Magnificent!

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